CEO Daimler AG
Head of Mercedes – Benz Cars

Nationality: German
Birth: 5.5.1953, Istanbul, Turkey
From: Oberursel, Frankfurt am Main
Lives: Stuttgart, Germany
Status: Married with Gisele (1982)
Children: 2 boys, 1 daughter

Career History:

1971-1976: Studied Electrical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe
1976: Joined Daimler Benz
Positions in the company:
1976-1981: Research Division
1981-1984: Assistant to Chief Engineer, Commercial Vehicle Division
1984-1986: Cordinator, Commercial Vehicle Development Activities
1986-1987: Senior Manager, Chief Engineer of Cross Country Vehicle Unit
1987-1988: Head of Development and Chief Engineer, Mercedes Benz Brazil
1989-1991: President, Mercedes Benz Argentina
1991-1992: President, Freightliner Coroporation, USA
1992-1995: Chief Engineer, Development Division for Passenger Cars
1995- 1998: Member of the board of Management, Sales Division
1999-2000: Member of the board of Management, Commercial Vehicle Division
2000-2005: Member of the board of Management, President of the Chrysler Group
2005-2006: Member of the board of Management, Mercedes Car Group
2006-Present: Chairman of the board of Management of Daimler AG, Head of Mercedes Benz

Other Notable Achivements:

2006: Times Magazine – Top 100 List of most influential people
2008: Entrepreneur of the year – German media

Dieter Zetsche is head of Mercedes Benz for seventh year now.