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My trip to Brazil 2012 – Rita Xiumè

Pict 1 my banner and me

Racing is a state of mind and I’m trying to be still in it. But to speak about racing you need a race or at least a racer and when for 21 years you follow “THE RACER” the day after his last GP you realize you can keep on following F1, but your heart won’t be able to be thudding again. Those feelings that only a fighter that has never backed down can give you won’t came back anymore. I’ll keep them in my heart and they be my reason to live.


Our Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Our weekend actually started on the Wednesday before the Grand Prix, when we were invited to the biggest Mercedes dealer in the world, by the local dealership in the UAE, the EMC – Alfahim, to have a meeting there to discuss the Gala dinner on Thursday, and our presence there.


My trip to Silverstone 2012 – James Bouault


I really did enjoy silverstone. I had to do quite a bit more planning this year and the actual weekend seemed to go very quickly as a result. I went with two friends from work.


My trip to Singapore 2012 – Rita Xiumè

pict 7 me at the track on saturday

I have dreamed about my trip for many years and last week my dream has become true. I’ve gone to Singapore Gran Prix. For me it was a very special moment, a night race, my first one after many races alive, but also my birthday week end. .

My trip to Monza 2012 – Rita Xiumè

Picture 1- Crowd around Michael

After his pole position in Monte Carlo 2012 on the 26th of May Michael Schumacher has said on the radio just in front of me “Wow, what a feeling” …


Our Belgian Grand Prix at Spa


Highlights from our trip to Spa and Kerpen,

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